Alpha Tau's Campus Involvement

On Georgia Tech campus, the brothers of Kappa Sigma are represented in several campus clubs and organizations that provide leadership opportunities, build their character, and expand their network of student peers. In the past, Kappa Sigmas have held leadership positions in organizations such as Ramblin Reck Club and the Interfraternity Council. Connect with Tech, Executive Round Table, FreshGA, and Student Center Programs Council are just a few organizations in which brothers have active involvement. Additionally, Kappa Sigma prides itself on heavy participation in Homecoming, frequently placing as one of the top five fraternities in points, and winning traditional events such as the wreck parade and display.

Staying well connected on Tech's campus allows Kappa Sigmas to keep up with all the events constantly going on around campus. Whether the event is Relay for life, a Georgia Tech Baseball game, or a Campus tour, you're sure to find a brother at the event. You can even find Kappa Sigmas beyond Tech's campus, as many brothers are actively involved in local community projects, athletics, and businesses.