Parental Information


This section is aimed to help you understand the advantages and benefits that Greek Life and Kappa Sigma at Georgia Tech can have on your son. With the longest standing charter of any fraternity at Georgia Tech, our 122 uninterrupted years carry with them a legacy that we hope to impart on your son to enrich his life and make a man with the values of Kappa Sigma.

No Hazing

Kappa Sigma takes pride in being a fraternity that does not condone hazing, and the Alpha Tau chapter at Georgia Tech takes that very seriously. In fact, the fraternity’s stance on hazing is written into the Code of Conduct, which encompasses all chapters, members, pledges, and alumni.  It reads, “Hazing is contrary to the principles and teachings of Kappa Sigma Fraternity. Hazing itself or conduct which represents hazing is against the law in all jurisdictions in which Kappa Sigma has chapters.” Hazing does not enrich the lives of the gentlemen in this chapter or anywhere, which is why we discourage it so strongly.

The Pledge Program

Steeped in history and ceremony dating back over one hundred and forty five years, the pledge program prepares your son to become a member of this prestigious brotherhood. While the term “pledge” has gained a negative connotation in recent years, we do not shy away from the title or the program. To become a member your son must take a pledge that he will learn the true meaning of a Kappa Sigma through Fellowship, Leadership, Scholarship and Service. These are the four pillars upon which the Kappa Sigma fraternity is based and the foundation upon which every man who carries the title of Brother of Kappa Sigma stands. We cannot stress enough that this program is not about tearing these potential members down but it is about building up the gentlemen who agree to pledge to become brothers.


While we hope the fraternity can become an important part of your son’s life in college, we recognize that the primary purpose of his time in college is to obtain an education. Georgia Tech is a notoriously difficult school and we recognize that taking more of your son’s time could have a negative impact on academics, but that is why we focus on it specifically in the pledge program. To help bolster academic success we pair off your son with a brother of the same major who has already taken and excelled at the classes your son is currently taking and will be taking in the future. By working with someone who knows what to expect and can give guidance, your son will feel more comfortable with what is ahead. Also, by working with the other members of his pledge class who are likely taking similar courses, he will begin to work effectively in groups and naturally form study groups.

In addition to having ways to help your son excel academically, there is also a minimum GPA required for a pledge to be initiated into Kappa Sigma.  That requirement does not go away after becoming a brother. To be an active brother in good standing you must maintain your academics and GPA. With the additional resources at a brothers disposal in addition to those that are offered by Georgia Tech, he should have no problem maintaining a strong GPA while also being involved with different social, service, and academic groups.

Involvement, Leadership, and Service

As a fraternity we ask that all of our members try to get involved with something new and different to them on campus. By stepping out of his comfort zone, your son may find a new activity and organization that he is passionate about. We also encourage all members to step into a leadership position both within the fraternity and in other groups they are involved in. Focusing on leadership in this way creates brothers who can lead a group, articulate their thoughts, and have a greater impact on the community around them. It is also with that focus on impacting the community that we promote community service and outreach. Some of our new members have done little to no community service as they take their pledge, but we focus on all of our members, pledges and brothers, creating a positive impact on the world around them. Service is a required element of Greek Life at Georgia Tech, but we take it a step further. Requiring every member to put in more hours than the Georgia Tech minimum assures that each one of our brothers has a substantial impact on the community around them.